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HKU Faculty of Dentistry Bulletin: December 2016

Faculty News

Like brother like sister - Mentorship Programme 2016-17 Inauguration Ceremony

This year, the Faculty of Dentistry has partnered with The University of Hong Kong Dental Alumni Association (HKUDAA) to launch a mentoring programme. Over 80 mentors and mentees were linked at a one-to-one or trio-basis relationship. The inauguration ceremony, held at Island Pacific Hotel on 24 November, was officiated by Dean Professor Thomas Flemmig, Associate Dean Prof CH Chu and HKUDAA President Dr Dominic Ho.

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Do you know that Papaya Extract Can Remove Dental Decay?

A novel method in caries removal by using special chemical agents was introduced and is referred to as 'enzyme-based' chemomechanical caries removal (CMCR) method. The principal ingredient of currently available enzyme-based CMCR agents is papain enzyme, which exhibits a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory actions. Papain is widely use in the medical field as a wound dressing agent. This enzyme is extracted from the latex of leaves and fruits of the green adult Carica Papaya tree, which is cultivated in tropical regions such as Brazil, India, South Africa, and Hawaii.

Caries removal with papain-based CMCR agents exhibits many advantages including a significant reduction for the need of "painful" local anesthetic's punctures. Various studies conducted in the HKU Faculty of Dentistry revealed that the currently available CMCR methods could be considered as a viable alternative to conventional rotary decay removal methods. Furthermore, CMCR could be extremely useful in very anxious, special-need patients as well as children.

Further reading source:
Hamama H, Yiu C, Burrow M. Current update of chemomechanical caries removal methods. Australian Dental Journal 2014; 59(4):446-456.

BDS Corner

Annual Dinner of Dental Festival 2016

The Annual Dinner 2016, organised by the Annual Dinner Organizing Committee, took place on 4 November at The Langham. 180 guests, including Dean Flemmig, doctors, alumni and students, gathered together for a fun-filled and glamorous evening. This year, the theme was 'The Oscars', which fitted in with celebrating the Faculty's No.1 position in the QS ranking for dentistry and class achievements of the dental festival.

Highlights of the night included: a game where everyone gleefully guessed which doctors voiced over famous film scenes, the traditional beer drinking competition in which the doctors beat the students, a bass performance by BDS V Jasmine Wong, and a highly entertaining band performances by alumni Dr Century Tsang, Dr Romaine Ng, Dr Jonathan Wah & resident student band RubberDam (BDS V Tommy Wong, Eric Liu, Sam So, Francis Tse & Teresa Lo) as the finale!

Ms Kimberlee Onsiong & Ms. Hei Nok Fan, Chairladies of the Annual Dinner Organizing Committee 2016 said "we were honoured to have many doctors and alumni join us at the dinner this year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all attendees and sponsors for supporting the Annual Dinner and hope everybody had a memorable night!'

Call for participants

Continuing Dental Education (CDE) Seminar in December, 2016

Dental arch development, occlusion, and early intervention orthodontic treatment

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Qianfeng Li, Clinical Assistant Professor in Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, HKU

Date: 8 December, 2016

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital

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The 196th Congregation and Diploma and Prize Presentation Ceremony

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